Providing QoS for L2TP Overview

The JunosE Software supports QoS queues and scheduler nodes for L2TP session interfaces. L2TP QoS provides per–L2TP session queuing and allows QoS profiles to be dynamically attached to L2TP session interfaces on E Series Broadband Services Routers. The routers can be configured as either an LAC or LNS.

The dynamic attachment process uses RADIUS and AAA, enabling a QoS profile to be attached to a dynamic L2TP session interface when the newly created interface has the QoS-Profile-Name [26-26] RADIUS VSA associated with it. L2TP QoS support gives you the ability to shape tunneled users through L2TP interfaces.

L2TP QoS profiles are attached at the L2TP session interface, except on the LNS with nonmultilink interfaces. On the LNS with nonmultilink interfaces, L2TP QoS profiles are attached at the IP interface. The queues and scheduler node are built at the L2TP client interface on the line module.

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