Hashed Load Balancing for 802.3ad Link Aggregation Groups Overview

To configure hashed load balancing, you configure a scheduler hierarchy with Ethernet queues and the system replicates the queues for each link within the LAG. The system shares the traffic equally across the links based on the distribution characteristics defined in the hash algorithm.

Because all traffic is carried in Ethernet queues, per-subscriber QoS features such as shared shaping for VLANs are not available.

Sample Scheduler Hierarchy for Hashed Load Balancing

Figure 49 displays a sample 802.3ad link aggregation scheduler hierarchy that uses hashed load balancing.

The Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are on the same line module and are members of a LAG. The system dynamically balances traffic between the Ethernet queues on the two ports.

Figure 49: 802.3ad Link Aggregation Scheduler Hierarchy

802.3ad Link Aggregation Scheduler Hierarchy

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