Configuring Default Integrated Mode for ATM Interface

In the default integrated mode, the SAR scheduler is the dominant scheduler, and it backpressures the first-stage (HRR) scheduler per VC. Each VC buffers only a few hundred bytes.

Figure 45 shows the default integrated mode.

Figure 45: Default Integrated Mode

Default Integrated Mode

To configure default integrated mode:

  1. From the desired port, set the QoS port mode to default integrated mode.
    host1(config)#interface atm 2/0 host1(config-if)#no qos-mode-port

    Tip: For ATM interfaces on ERX7xx models, ERX14xx models, and the ERX310 router, you must specify port 0.

  2. Specify the VP shaping rate.
    host1(config-if)#atm vp-tunnel 0 2000

    Tip: Configuring an ATM VP tunnel sets a shaping rate in the SAR scheduler. Before configuring an ATM VP tunnel, there must be no PVCs with the same VPI that you are about to configure. Before using the atm vp-tunnel command, remove any PVCs from the configuration. You can reconfigure the PVCs after configuring the shapeless VP tunnel.

  3. Specify the shaping rate for the ATM subinterface.
    host1(config-if)#interface atm 2/0.5 host1(config-subif)#atm-pvc 5 0 5 aal5snap 768

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