Managing System Resources for Shadow Nodes

Each ASIC hardware type provides different node and queue resources.

Level 1 queues stack directly above the port; level 2 queues stack above a node and the port. The router implicitly creates the level 1 and level 2 queues.

Shadow node queues stack above a port node, a level 1 node, and a shadow node. Therefore, the shadow node queue is at level 3. The router does not implicitly create any nodes for the queues.

You can configure 64,000 level 1 queues using shadow nodes by specifying the group and shadow node rules in the QoS profile. Each level 1 queue is stacked above the port, the group node, and the shadow node; therefore, it requires 64,002 descriptors.

Table 15 lists the number of nodes required to create a queue.

Table 15: Shadow Node Consumption of Node and Queue Resources


Level 1 Queues
(at Port)

Level 2 Queues
(at Node)

Shadow Node Queue

Required Nodes




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