Configuring Explicit Constituents for Simple or Compound Shared Shaping

You can specify explicit constituents and set the attributes of both implicit and explicit shared-shaping constituents that determine how bandwidth is allocated to them.

There are two types of explicit constituents:

Before you configure explicit constituents:

To configure explicit constituents:

  1. Create the scheduler profile.
    host1(config)#scheduler-profile explicit
  2. Configure the shared-shaper and specify that you do not want the router to identify shared shaper constituents associated with the logical interface.

    To configure a simple shared shaper:

    host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-rate 128000 bps

    To configure a compound shared shaper:

    host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-rate 128000 burst 32767 compound explicit-constituents
  3. Specify the attributes for the explicit constituent.
    host1(config-scheduler-profile)#shared-shaping-constituent weight 28

    You can specify a constituent as strict (priority) or weighted. Strict-priority constituents are allocated bandwidth ahead of weighted constituents.

    You can optionally set a value that determines the precedence of a constituent among its peers (strict or weighted) for claiming bandwidth.

    For strict-priority constituents, the priority range is 1–8 and the default value is 8. A lower value correlates to a higher claim.

    For weighted constituents, the range is 1–31 and the default value is 8. The weights of all sibling weighted constituents are added together. Then each weighted constituent is allocated bandwidth according to the proportion of its weight to the total.

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