Variables of the Simple Shared Shaper Algorithm

The formulas the simple shared shaper uses contain values maintained by the simple shared shaper algorithm, and variables that you configure.

The following factors are maintained by the simple shared shaper algorithm:

You can configure the following variables, which correspond to the commands described in Configuring Simple Shared Shaper Algorithm Variables.

This section describes the algorithm tasks in detail.

  1. Calculate the new measured rate. The simple shared shaper uses the following formula to calculate the new measured rate:
  2. Calculate the VOQL. The simple shared shaper maintains a VOQL, which cannot become less than zero, using the following formulas:
  3. Calculate the new dynamic rate. Each rate period, the simple shared shaper calculates the new dynamic rate (the shaping rate of the best-effort node or queue) using the following formula. The system prevents the new dynamic rate from becoming less than zero.
  4. Determine the larger value of the new dynamic rate and the minimum dynamic rate. The simple shared shaper determines the larger of the new dynamic rate and a minimum dynamic rate, where the minimumDynamicRate is a fraction of the shared-shaping rate, using the following formula:

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