Shared Shaper Terms

Table 6 defines terms used in this discussion of shared shaping.

Table 6: Shared Shaper Terminology Used in This Chapter




Scheduler node or queue associated with a logical interface. A shared shaper is configured for a logical interface; all queues and scheduler nodes associated with that logical interface are constituents of the shared shaper.

Active constituent

Constituent that is monitored or controlled by the shared shaper mechanism.

Inactive constituent

Constituent that is ignored by the shared shaper mechanism. Inactive constituents can be indirectly controlled; for example, queues stacked above a node that is an active constituent.

Shared Shaping

Mechanism for shaping a logical interface's aggregate traffic to a rate when the traffic for that logical interface is queued through more than one scheduler hierarchy.

Implicit shared shaper

Shared shaper where the system automatically selects the active constituents. The system selects scheduler nodes as active; queues above nodes remain inactive.

Explicit shared shaper

Shared shaper where you select the active constituents by issuing the shared-shaping-constituent command in a scheduler profile.

Compound shared shaping

Hardware-assisted mechanism that controls bandwidth for all active constituents.

Simple shared shaping

Software-assisted mechanism that measures the rate of active constituents, and shapes the rate of the best-effort node or queue to the residual shared-shaping rate.

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