List of Tables

Table 1: Notice Icons
Table 2: Text and Syntax Conventions
Table 3: QoS Terminology
Table 4: QoS Features
Table 5: Egress Memory and Region Size on ASIC Line Modules
Table 6: Shared Shaper Terminology Used in This Chapter
Table 7: Comparison of Simple and Compound Shared Shaping
Table 8: Guidelines for Configuring Simple Shared Shaper Algorithm Variables
Table 9: Rising Edge Sample When Video Flow Starts
Table 10: Data When Video Flow Stops
Table 11: Comparison of Implicit and Explicit Shared Shaping
Table 12: Bandwidth Allocation for Case 1 Explicit Constituents
Table 13: Bandwidth Allocation for Case 2 Explicit Constituents
Table 14: Interface Types and Supported Commands
Table 15: Shadow Node Consumption of Node and Queue Resources
Table 16: qos-mode-port Commands
Table 17: Operational Shaping Modes for ERX7xx Models, ERX14xx Models, and the ERX310 Router
Table 18: Operational Shaping Modes for the E120 Router and E320 Router
Table 19: Operational Shaping Modes
Table 20: Load Balancing Algorithm Parameters
Table 21: Interface Set Terms
Table 22: QoS Parameter Terminology Used in This Chapter
Table 23: Attributes in Parameter Definitions
Table 24: Sample Parameter Names
Table 25: Valid and Invalid Parameter Names
Table 26: Operators for Parameter Expressions
Table 27: Supported Interfaces for qos-shaping-mode and qos-cell-mode Commands
Table 28: Byte Adjustment for Subscribers VC1 and VC2
Table 29: Header Lengths for Ethernet Encapsulation
Table 30: Header Lengths for ATM Encapsulation
Table 31: Byte Adjustment Values for Frame and Cell Shaping Modes
Table 32: Access Loop Types and Resultant Shaping Mode
Table 33: Shaping Rate and Shaping Mode
Table 34: show traffic-class Output Fields
Table 35: show traffic-class-group Output Fields
Table 36: show qos queue-thresholds Output Fields
Table 37: show queue-profile Output Fields
Table 38: show drop-profile Output Fields
Table 39: show qos scheduler-hierarchy Output Fields
Table 40: show scheduler-profile Output Fields
Table 41: show qos shared-shaper Output Fields
Table 42: show qos shared-shaper-control Output Fields
Table 43: show egress-queue events Output Fields
Table 44: show egress-queue rates Output Fields
Table 45: show fabric-queue Output Fields
Table 46: show statistics-profile Output Fields
Table 47: show qos interface-hierarchy Output Fields
Table 48: show qos-profile Output Fields
Table 49: show interfaces atm Output Fields
Table 50: show ip interface Output Fields
Table 51: show interfaces Output Fields
Table 52: show interfaces lag members Output Fields
Table 53: show qos-interface-set Output Fields
Table 54: show qos-interface-superset Output Fields
Table 55: show aaa qos downstream-rate Output Fields
Table 56: show qos-parameter Output Fields
Table 57: show qos-parameter-define Output Fields