Configuring Triggers for CLI-Based Mirroring

In user-specific packet mirroring, you use triggers to identify the user whose traffic you want to mirror and to start the mirroring session. The triggers are similar to the RADIUS attributes used in RADIUS-based mirroring. However, for CLI-based mirroring, AAA can use any supported authentication method, including RADIUS.

Note: An E Series router supports a maximum of 100 mirror trigger rules.

Attributes associated with users are examined in the following order of priority to find a match. When a match is found, examination stops.

  1. Account session ID
  2. Calling station ID
  3. Username and virtual router ID
  4. IP address and virtual router ID
  5. Nas-Port-Id

You specify the triggers with the mirror command, except that the virtual router associated with username or IP address is taken from the VR context from which you issue the command.

The following considerations apply to trigger rules:

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