Monitoring Packet Mirroring Subscriber Information


Display CLI-based packet mirroring information about the subscribers for whom packet mirroring is currently active. This command and the output are visible only to authorized users—the mirror-enable command must be enabled before using this command.


To display information about subscribers for whom packet mirroring is active:

host1# show mirror subscribers
                               Mirror Subscribers:  7 Total

Subscriber ID                                         ID             Secure   Secure        Mirrored 
                                                    Method        PolicyType Policy Name    Sessions
------------------                                ---------------  --------- -------------- --------
52:10:01:0E:12:4F:87:3A:61:67:65:6E:74:00:69:64    dhcp-option-82    IP      op82hex_pol     1
01:0D:61:74:6D:20:34:2F:32:3A:30:2E:31:30:31       agent-circuit-id IPV6     cidhex_poli     1  
02:0E:61:62:63:40:64:6F:6D:61:69:6E:2E:63:6F:6D    agent-remote-id  IPV6     ridhex_poli     1 
52:11:02:0F:12:4F:87:3A:72:65:6D:6F:74:65:00:69:64 dhcp-option-82   IP       spl_88000002    1 
01:0D:61:74:6D:20:34:2F:32:3A:30:2E:31:30:35       agent-circuit-id IPV6     spl_88000003    1 
02:0E:61:62:63:40:64:6F:6D:61:69:6E:2E:63:6F:6E    agent-remote-id  IPV6     spl_88000004    1
01:0E:63:69:64:40:64:6F:6D:61:69:6E:2E:63:6F:6D    agent-remote-id  L2TP     l2tphex_pol     1  



Table 67 lists show mirror subscribers command output fields.

Table 67: show mirror subscribers Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Subscriber ID

Subscriber being mirrored

Subscriber ID Method

Method used to identify the subscriber

Secure Policy Type

Type of secure policy; IP, IPv6, or L2TP

Secure Policy List

Name of secure policy list used for packet mirroring

Sessions Mirrored

Number of sessions being mirrored

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