Monitoring the Packet Mirroring Configuration of IP Interfaces


Display CLI-based packet mirroring configuration information for a specific interface or for all interfaces on which mirroring is enabled.

Note: This command is deprecated and might be removed completely in a future release. The function provided by this command has been replaced by the show secure policy-list command.


To display information about a specific interface or for all interfaces:

host1#show ip mirror interface atm 5/0.1
    Interface          Analyzer Port      Analyzer next-hop 
------------------- ------------------- ---------------------
ATM5/0.1             FastEthernet3/0


Table 64 lists the show ip mirror interface command output fields.

Table 64: show ip mirror interface Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description


Interface being mirrored

Analyzer Port

Interface to which the mirrored traffic is sent, and that then sends the traffic to the analyzer device

Analyzer next-hop

IP address of the next hop to the analyzer device; displayed when the analyzer interface is a shared medium

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