Configuring SNMP Secure Packet Mirroring Traps

To configure SNMP secure traps support, perform the following tasks on your E Series router:

  1. Enable packet mirroring support.
  2. Configure the packet mirroring application to generate traps.
  3. (Optional) Verify the packet mirroring trap configuration.
  4. (Optional) Configure the SNMP server to support secure logs.
  5. Configure the SNMP server to generate packet mirroring traps.
  6. Configure the SNMPv3 user for whom packet mirroring traps are generated.
  7. Configure the SNMP server to report packet mirroring traps to a remote host.
  8. (Optional) Verify the SNMP server packet mirroring configuration.

The following example illustrates the procedure to configure SNMP secure packet mirroring traps support:

host1#mirror-enable host1#configure terminal host1(config)#mirror trap-enable host1(config)#show mirror trap Traps are enabledhost1(config)#snmp-server secure-log host1(config)#snmp-server user fredMirrorUser group mirror authentication md5 fred-md5password privacy des fred-despasswordhost1(config)#snmp-server enable traps packetMirror trapFilters notice host1(config)#snmp-server host version 3 fredMirrorUser cliSecurityAlert packetMirror trapFilters noticehost1(config)#show snmp trap
Enabled Categories: CliSecurity, PacketMirror, Sonet
SNMP authentication failure trap is disabled
Trap Source: FastEthernet 6/0, Trap Source Address:
Trap Proxy: enabled
Global Trap Severity Level: 6 - informational
Address          Security String                   Ver  Port   Trap Categories
---------------  --------------------------------  ---  -----  ----------------      host1                             v1   162    Cli   fredMirrorUser                    v3   162    CliPacketMirror   host2                             v3   162    Sonet
Address         TrapSeverityFilter  Ping    Maximum    Queue    Queue Full
                                   TimeOut QueueSize DrainRate discrd methd
--------------- ------------------ ------- --------- --------- -------------     5 - notice         1       32        0         dropLastIn  5 - notice         1       32        0         dropLastIn  2 - critical       1       32        0         dropLastIn

See Configuring SNMP in JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide for information about JunosE Software SNMP support.

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