Comparing CLI-Based Mirroring and RADIUS-Based Mirroring

This section compares the characteristics of CLI-based and RADIUS-based mirroring techniques. You can use CLI-based mirroring for both interface-specific and user-specific mirroring; RADIUS-based mirroring is used for user-specific mirroring. This section highlights differences in configuration, security, and application of the CLI-based and RADIUS-based mirroring methods.


This section describes differences in the configuration processes for CLI-based and RADIUS-based mirroring:


The following list highlights security features provided by CLI-based and RADIUS-based mirroring:


The following list compares the different types of packet-mirroring methods:

CLI-based user-specific and RADIUS-based user-specific mirroring are also useful to mirror L2TP traffic at the L2TP access concentrator (LAC). If the L2TP network server (LNS) and the LAC belong to different service providers, mirroring at the LAC enables mirroring to take place close to the user’s domain.

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