Monitoring External Parent Groups


Display information about external parent groups.


To display information about external parent groups:

host1#show parent-group name EPG2
                                  Parent Group Table
                                  ------ ----- ------
Parent Group EPG2
   Reference count: 1
   Rate limit profile: VLAN_RATE
   Next parent group: EPG1 parameter C
   Referenced by policies:


Table 41 lists the show parent-group command output fields.

Table 41: show parent-group Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

Reference count

Number of references within policies and other external parent groups.

Rate limit profile

Name of hierarchical rate limit profile.

Next parent group

Name of the next parent group and parameter.

Referenced by policies

List of policies where this parent group is referenced.

Referenced by parent groups

List of parent groups where the parent group is referenced.

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