Monitoring GRE Tunnel Information


Display information about GRE tunnels. The state keyword displays tunnels that are in a specific state: disabled, down, enabled, not-present, or up. The ip keyword to display tunnels associated with an IP address. To display information about a specific tunnel, include the name of the tunnel. To display information about tunnels on a specific virtual router, include the name of the virtual router.


To display information about GRE Tunnel policy lists:

host1#show gre tunnel detail tunnelGre50
GRE tunnel tunnelGre50 is Down
Tunnel operational configuration
  Tunnel mtu is '10240'
  Tunnel source address is ''
  Tunnel destination address is ''
  Tunnel transport virtual router is source
  Tunnel checksum option is disabled 
  Tunnel sequence number option is disabled 
  Tunnel up/down trap is enabled 
  Tunnel-server location is 6/0
  Tunnel administrative state is Up
Statistics    packets        octets       discards   errors
  Data rx     0              0            0          0          
  Data tx     0              0            0          0          
GRE tunnel policy input routeGre25
  classifier-group gre6 entry 1
     0 packets, 0 bytes
     traffic-class best-effort 
     mark 4 mask 255
GRE tunnel policy output routeGre35
  classifier-group gre14 entry 1
     0 packets, 0 bytes
     traffic-class best-effort 
     mark 4 mask 255


Table 36 lists the show gre tunnel command output fields.

Table 36: show gre tunnel Output Fields

Field Name

Field Description

GRE tunnel policy input

Policy for outbound traffic

GRE tunnel policy output

Policy for inbound traffic


Name of traffic class


Name of classifier group


Identifier for the entry in the classifier group


Number of packets


Number of bytes


ToS byte setting for the classifier control list


Mask value corresponding to the ToS

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