CAM Hardware Classifiers Overview

Content-addressable memory (CAM) hardware classifiers are supported on the OC48/STM16, GE-2, ES2 4G, ES2 10G, ES2 10G Uplink, and GE-HDE line modules.Policy Resources Overview lists CAM hardware classifiers and the software classifiers supported for each interface type.

The OC48/STM16 line module supports 128,000 144-bit CAM entries, and the GE-2 and GE-HDE line modules support 64,000 144-bit CAM entries. The ES2 4G LMs on E120 and E320 routers support 256,000 144-bit CAM entries, and the ES2 10G and ES2 10G Uplink LMs on E120 and E320 routers support 128,000 144-bit CAM entries. For most configurations, each classifier entry in a policy consumes one CAM entry. However, a policy that has only the default classifier consumes no CAM resources.

In this example, the policy consumes a total of four CAM entries: two entries for clacl1, one for clacl2, and one for the default classifier.

host1(config)#ip classifier-list clacl1 ip host host tos 1 host1(config)#ip classifier-list clacl1 ip host host tos 2 host1(config)#ip classifier-list clacl2 tcp any any tcp-flags "SYN"host1(config)#ip policy-list policy1 host1(config-policy-list)#classifier-group clacl1 host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#forward host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#exit host1(config-policy-list)#classifier-group clacl2 host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#forward host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#exit host1(config-policy-list)#classifier-group * host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#filter host1(config-policy-list-classifier-group)#exit host1(config-policy-list)#exit

A single classifier entry consumes more than one CAM entry when:

In these cases, the actual number of entries that are consumed depends on the configuration.

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