Setting the Peak Burst for Two-Rate Rate-Limit Profiles

For two-rate rate-limit profiles only, you can use the peak-burst command to set the peak burst in bytes for a rate-limit profile; range is 1–4294967295. Use to set the peak burst in milliseconds for a rate-limit profile; range is 1–10000. The no version restore the default value, 100 ms or 8192 bytes (whichever is more).

When you specify a nonzero value for the peak rate, the peak burst size is automatically calculated for a 100-ms burst as described for the peak-rate command. If the calculated peak burst size is less than the default value of 8192 bytes, the default value is used.

Note: We recommend that you do not configure a committed or peak burst size smaller than the MTU of the interface. Doing so causes large packets to be dropped even when they are transmitted at a very low rate.

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