Creating a One-Rate Rate-Limit Profile

To create or modify a one-rate rate-limit profile, use the following commands with the one-rate keyword:

The following example creates a rate-limit profile named tcpFriendly8Mb. This rate-limit profile, when included as part of a rule in a policy list, sets a TCP-friendly rate for a specified flow:

host1(config)#ip rate-limit-profile tcpFriendly8Mb one-rate host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#committed-rate 8000000 host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#committed-burst 1500000 host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#excess-burst 3000000 host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#committed-action transmit host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#conformed-action transmit host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#exceeded-action drop host1(config-rate-limit-profile)#mask-val 255

To configure a single-rate hard limit, set the committed rate and burst rate to the desired values, the committed action to transmit, the conformed action to drop, and the exceeded action to drop. The peak rate must be set to zero.

Note: You can also achieve the characteristics of the single-rate hard limit by configuring a one-rate rate-limit profile with the extended burst rate set to zero.

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