Creating an Exception Rule within a Policy Classifier Group

To create the exception rule within an IP policy classifier group to specify the client application for the destination of packets rather than forwarding them by the forwarding controller (FC), use the exception http-redirect command. Doing this enables the application to then perform an application-dependent action on the content of the packet. The exception rule applies to input and secondary-input policies.

The guidelines for creating exception rules within an IPv6 policy classifier group are the same as those for creating exception rules within an IPv4 policy classifier group.

Note: The exception http-redirect command is not supported for the ES2 10G Uplink LM.

An exception rule in the input policy only takes effect if neither the input policy nor the secondary policy drops the packet. Packets dropped by input or secondary policies are not exceptioned to the SRP module. HTTP redirect is the only application that is available as a destination of the exception rule.

Because classifier groups can contain multiple actions, the following list describes how each rule interacts with the exception rule:

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