Setting a Statistics Baseline for Policies


You can set a baseline for policy statistics by using the baseline interface command and the atm policy, frame-relay policy, gre-tunnel policy, ip policy, ipv6 policy, l2tp policy, and mpls policy commands. If you do not enable baselining, show command output fields for baseline counters display the contents of the regular statistics counters.

If you enable statistics, you can enable or disable baselining of the statistics. The router implements the baseline by reading and storing the statistics at the time the baseline is set and then subtracting this baseline when baseline-relative statistics are retrieved. Unlike other baseline statistics, policy baseline statistics are not stored in nonvolatile storage (NVS).

If you issue the baseline interface command for an interface without first enabling policy statistics baselining on that interface, a warning message indicates that policy baseline statistics are not enabled.

Enable a baseline for the statistics for the attachment of a policy list with statistics enabled to the ingress of an interface.


Enable baseline counters.

host1(config)#interface atm 12/0.1 host1(config-subif)#ip policy input routeForXYZCorp statistics enabled baseline enabled

Run the show ip interface command with the delta keyword to show baseline counters:

host1#show ip interface atm 12/0.1 delta
atm12/0.1 is up, line protocol is up
  Network Protocols: IP
  Internet address is
  Broadcast address is
  Operational MTU = 9180  Administrative MTU = 0
  Operational speed = 155520000  Administrative speed = 0
  Discontinuity Time = 1251181
  Router advertisement = disabled
  Administrative debounce-time = disabled
  Operational debounce-time    = disabled
  Access routing = disabled
  Multipath mode = hashed
  In Received Packets 5, Bytes 540
  In Policed Packets 0, Bytes 0
  In Error Packets 0
  In Invalid Source Address Packets 0
  In Discarded Packets 0
  Out Forwarded Packets 5, Bytes 540
  Out Scheduler Drops Packets 0, Bytes 0
  Out Policed Packets 5, Bytes 540
  Out Discarded Packets 0
  IP Policy input routeForXYZCorp
    classifier-group *
       5 Packets  540 Bytes dropped

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