List of Figures

Figure 1: Constructing an IP Policy List
Figure 2: Multiple Flows Sharing Preferred Bandwidth
Figure 3: Multiple Packet Flows Sharing a Rate Limit
Figure 4: Shared Pool of Additional Bandwidth with Select Flows
Figure 5: Aggregate Marking with Oversubscription
Figure 6: Congestion Management
Figure 7: Input Policy with Primary Stage and Auxiliary Substage
Figure 8: Configuration Process
Figure 9: VLAN Rate-Limit Configuration
Figure 10: Interface Stack for Wholesale L2TP Mode
Figure 11: Wholesale L2TP Configuration
Figure 12: Interface Stack for Aggregate Rate Limit
Figure 13: Aggregate Rate Limit for Nonvoice Traffic Configuration
Figure 14: Interface Stack for Arbitrary Interface Groups
Figure 15: Arbitrary Interface Groups Configuration
Figure 16: Interface Stack for Service and User Rate-Limit Hierarchy Overlap
Figure 17: Service and User Rate-Limit Hierarchy Overlap Configuration
Figure 18: Interface Stack for Hierarchical Policy Configuration
Figure 19: CLI-Based Interface Mirroring
Figure 20: CLI-Based Packet Mirroring
Figure 21: RADIUS-Based Packet Mirroring
Figure 22: Prepended Header
Figure 23: 8-Byte Format of VSA 26-59
Figure 24: 4-Byte Format of VSA 26-59