vlan load-distribution-tag


vlan load-distribution-tag tagvalueno vlan load-distribution-tag

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 15.1.0.


Configures a tag value for a QoS profile attached to a VLAN interface. The tag value is used to group VLAN interfaces so that the load is automatically and equally distributed across LAG member-links for all similar tagged VLAN interfaces.


  • The tag feature is not applicable for interfaces (such as Ethernet, ATM, LAG, IP, IPv6, and PPP) other than VLAN interfaces.
  • If both tag-based and IFL set-based QoS profiles are applied, the tag feature is disabled and a warning message is logged in the ’qosMgrEngineering’ log.



Tag value used for grouping VLAN interfaces. The range for the tag value is 1–8.


QoS Profile Configuration

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