packet-drop-monitoring linecard-type { LM4 | LM10 | GE_FE } direction { Ingress | Egress } sub-reason dropreason threshold thresholdValue

no packet-drop-monitoring { all | linecard-type { LM4 | LM10 | GE_FE } { all | direction { Ingress | Egress } { sub-reason dropreason | all } } }

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 13.3.0.

linecard-type, direction, sub-reason, and all keywords added in JunosE Release 15.1.0.

threshold keyword removed from no version in JunosE Release 15.1.0.


Configures the threshold value used to monitor a particular sub-reason specific forwarding path packet drops in the mentioned direction on the specified line module. When the sub-reason specific packet drops exceed it’s corresponding configured threshold within the polling interval of 60 seconds, a warning message is logged. The no version sets the threshold value to 0, which disables logging of warning messages.

Note: In a E series router, you can use this command to monitor only 25 sub-reasons.



Global Configuration

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