show ppp session-To-Thirteen-Years


show ppp session-To-Thirteen-Years

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 13.2.0.


Displays whether the capability to preserve PPP sessions for a maximum timeout period of 13 years is enabled on the router by using the tech-support encoded-string command.

By default, established PPP sessions are maintained for 366 days before being terminated (which takes effect from the default value of the aaa timeout session sessionTimeout command). If you configure RADIUS authentication for PPP sessions and the Session-Timeout attribute from the RADIUS server returns a value of zero, the scenario is the same as the default behavior. In such a case, PPP sessions are preserved for a maximum of 366 days.

If you used the tech-support encoded-string command to increase the maximum lifetime of PPP sessions to be 13 years, you must reboot the router configuration with factory default settings to restore the default maximum timeout as 366 days for PPP sessions.


Privileged Exec, User Exec

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