ppp ncp-Ordering-Required


[ no ] ppp ncp-Ordering-Required

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 12.3.0.


Enables PPP sessions to be established and packet over SONET (POS) interfaces that are configured with PPP encapsulation to be moved to the up state only when the Network Control Protocol (NCP) packets are received in a sequence format. If the NCP packets arrive out-of-sequence, the POS interfaces remain in the down state. By default, PPP sessions are established only when NCP packets arrive in a sequenced format. The no version enables PPP sessions to be activated even when the NCP packets arrive in an out-of-sequence format. In such a case, the POS interfaces with PPP encapsulation transition to the up state even when the NCP packets are out-of-sequence.


Global Configuration

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