prefix startIpv6Prefix { assignedPrefixLength | endIpv6Prefix } [ [ preferred | valid ] { days [ hours [ minutes [ seconds ] ] ] | infinite } ]

no prefix startIpv6Prefix [ force | preferred [ valid ] | valid ]

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 10.1.0.


Specifies the prefix range from which IPv6 prefixes can be assigned to the DHCPv6 client. Also, configures the duration of time for which the requesting router can use the delegated prefix. If no value is specified for preferred or valid lifetime, the default lifetime of 1 day is used for the delegated prefix. The no version removes the IPv6 prefix range from the local address pool. You can also forcibly delete an IPv6 prefix range from which prefixes have been allocated.

Note: If you attempt to configure a prefix range that overlaps with an existing prefix range in the same pool, an error message is displayed and the configuration fails. Also, an error message is displayed if you try to configure a prefix range that overlaps with a prefix range in another IPv6 local address pool on the same virtual router.



IPv6 Local Pool Configuration