vlan bulk-config modify


To modify VLAN ranges containing single-tagged VLAN IDs:

vlan bulk-config bulkConfigName modify vlan-range vlanIdStart vlanIdEnd

To modify VLAN ranges containing double-tagged S-VLAN IDs or based on agent-circuit-identifier:

vlan bulk-config bulkConfigName modify svlan-range s-vlanIdStart s-vlanIdEnd
{ vlanIdStart vlanIdEnd | any | agent-circuit-identifier }

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.3.0.


Modifies the VLAN subrange values for the specified bulk configuration VLAN range. If the new subrange encompasses previously configured subranges within that range, those subranges are merged into the new one, freeing subrange resources. There is no no version.



Interface Configuration