t1 loopback


t1 t1Channel loopback [ local | network { line | payload } ]

no t1 t1Channel loopback

t1 t1Channel loopback remote { line { fdl { ansi | bellcore } | inband } |
payload [ fdl ] [ ansi ] }

no t1 t1Channel loopback remote

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Configures a loopback test for a T1 line on a CT3 module. The no version deactivates the loopback test; if you specify the remote keyword, the no version sends the 16-bit ESF data link code word or inband pattern to deactivate the loopback at the remote end based on the last activate request sent to the remote end. If you do not specify the remote keyword, the no version clears the local loopback configuration.



Controller Configuration

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