svlan id


svlan id s-vlanIdValue { vlanIdValue | any | anyuntagged } [ icr-control-interface ] [ mac-address macAddress ]

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
anyUntagged keyword added in JunosE Release 10.0.0.
icr-control-interface keyword added in JunosE Release 10.3.0.


Assigns an S-VLAN ID and a VLAN ID to a VLAN subinterface, or, with the use of the any keyword, creates an S-VLAN tunnel. Sets the C-VLAN ID as 0 or untagged to transport both customer-tagged and customer-VLAN-untagged frames inside a predefined stacked-tag over a single pseudowire. Sets an S-VLAN ID and a VLAN ID to a VLAN subinterface on which an ICR partition is to be configured. You must issue this command before any upper bindings are made, such as IP or PPPoE. There is no no version.



Interface Configuration

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