[ no ] single-shot-tunnel

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.2.0.


Configures the L2TP/IPsec tunnels associated with a particular L2TP host profile as single-shot tunnels. The underlying IPsec connection for a single-shot tunnel can carry no more than a single L2TP tunnel for the duration of its existence, and the L2TP tunnel can carry no more than a single L2TP session for the duration of its existence. The no version restores the default behavior for L2TP/IPsec tunnels, which disables the single-shot attribute.

Note: Although configuration of single-shot tunnels is more typically used with secure L2TP/IPsec tunnels, you can also configure single-shot tunnels for nonsecure L2TP tunnels that do not run over an IPsec transport connection.


L2TP Destination Profile Host Configuration

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