show configuration


show configuration [ interface interfaceType interfaceSpecifier ] |
[ category categoryName [ categoryName ]* ] [ virtual-router routerName ]
[ [ exclude-category interface interfaceType ]* ] [ include-defaults ] [ filter ]

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Displays the current (running) configuration of the router, a specified virtual router, a specified interface, or a specified category of router settings. You can create a configuration script from this output by saving it as a file with the .scr extension. This command was formerly documented as show config; that abbreviation is still supported.

This command provides configuration information based on the privilege level of the session (user). The output does not display any configuration data for commands that have privilege levels higher than that of the session. For example, if the session is enabled at level 5, issuing this command displays only output for commands at level 5 and below.



Privileged Exec

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