radius remote-circuit-id-format


radius remote-circuit-id-format { [ nas-identifier ] { agent-circuit-id | agent-remote-id | agent-circuit-id agent-remote-id } | dsl-forum-1 }

no radius remote-circuit-id format

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.
dsl-forum-1 keyword added in JunosE Release 7.2.0.


Specifies the format of the PPPoE remote circuit ID value sent from a DSLAM and captured on the router. You can format the PPPoE remote circuit ID value to include either or both of the agent-circuit-ID (suboption 1) and agent-remote-id (suboption 2) suboptions of the DHCP relay agent information option (option 82) or the PPPoE intermediate agent tags, with or without the NAS-Identifier [32] RADIUS attribute. The no version restores the default format, agent-circuit-id.



Global Configuration

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