radius include dsl-forum-attributes


radius include dsl-forum-attributes
{ access-request | acct-start | acct-stop } { enable | disable }

no radius include dsl-forum-attributes { access-request | acct-start | acct-stop }

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.3.0.


Enables the inclusion of a set of DSL Forum vendor-specific attributes (VSAs) in Access-Request, Acct-Start, or Acct-Stop messages that the router sends to RADIUS. If you specify the Acct-Stop message, the router also includes the DSL Forum VSAs in outgoing RADIUS Interim-Acct messages. The no version restores the default behavior, which excludes the DSL Forum VSAs from these outgoing RADIUS messages.

If you enable the inclusion of DSL Forum VSAs in RADIUS messages, the router includes all of the following DSL Forum VSAs in the specified message type, provided that the VSA is available in the information that the router receives from the DSLAM.

Agent-Circuit-Id [26-1]

Maximum-Data-Rate-Downstream [26-136]

Agent-Remote-Id [26-2]

Minimum-Data-Rate-Upstream-Low-Power [26-137]

Actual-Data-Rate-Upstream [26-129]

Minimum-Data-Rate-Downstream-Low-Power [26-138]

Actual-Data-Rate-Downstream [26-130]

Maximum-Interleaving-Delay-Upstream [26-139]

Minimum-Data-Rate-Upstream [26-131]

Actual-Interleaving-Delay-Upstream [26-140]

Minimum-Data-Rate-Downstream [26-132]

Maximum-Interleaving-Delay-Downstream [26-141]

Attainable-Data-Rate-Upstream [26-133]

Actual-Interleaving-Delay-Downstream [26-142]

Attainable-Data-Rate-Downstream [26-134]

Access-Loop-Encapsulation [26-144]

Maximum-Data-Rate-Upstream [26-135]

IWF-Session [26-254]



Global Configuration

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