radius dsl-port-type


radius dsl-port-type { sdsl | adsl-cap | adsl-dmt | idsl | xdsl | virtual }

no radius dsl-port-type

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Sets RADIUS attribute 61, NAS-Port-Type, in RADIUS access request packets and accounting start and stop packets for ATM interfaces. The no version restores the default setting, xdsl.


  • If the interface (port) is Ethernet, then it sets the attribute to Ethernet and disregards the parameter set with this command. If the interface (port) is DSL, then the attribute can have any value listed in the command and uses the value configured.
  • For subscribers connected over the LAG interface in DHCP standalone authenticate mode, RADIUS calculates the value of the Nas-Port-Type attribute.



Global Configuration

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