pppoe clear lockout interface


pppoe clear lockout interface interfaceType interfaceSpecifier macAddress

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.2.0.


In configurations with dynamic PPPoE subinterfaces over static PPPoE major interfaces, clears the lockout condition configured for the individual PPPoE client associated with the specified source media access control (MAC) address.

For PPPoE clients undergoing active lockout or in a lockout grace period, issuing this command causes the router to reset the current lockout condition and start the next lockout interval at the minimum configured lockout time.

For PPPoE sessions that contain the IWF-Session DSL Forum VSA (26-254) in the PPPoE active discovery request (PADR) packets, the encapsulation lockout condition is cleared for all IWF PPPoE sessions whose source MAC address matches the MAC address specified in the command.

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