ppp keepalive


ppp keepalive [ seconds ]

no ppp keepalive

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Specifies a keepalive value. The keepalive mechanism tracks the status of the connection. To restore the default of 30 seconds, enter ppp keepalive without a value. High-density mode is automatically selected when PPP is layered over ATM, tunnel, or PPPoE. Low-density mode is selected when PPP is layered over HDLC.

When the keepalive timer expires, the interface searches for frames received from the peer in the prior keepalive timeout seconds. If the interface finds such frames, it does not send an LCP echo request (keepalive). Keepalive packets are sent only if the peer is silent (no traffic was received from the peer during the previous keepalive timeout interval). If both sides are configured with keepalive, receipt of an LCP echo request by one end suppresses the transmission of an LCP echo request by that end. If the keepalive interval is 30 seconds, a failed link is detected between 90 and 120 seconds after failure.

The no version disables keepalive.



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