ppp initiate-ip


[ no ] ppp initiate-ip

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Initiates IPv4 for passive clients. By default, PPP creates IP instances when it receives client requests. The no version disables initiation.

Passive PPP clients are those subscribers configured with passive mode on dynamic or static PPP interfaces using the ppp passive-mode command. By default, passive mode is enabled on a PPP interface. Passive mode causes the PPP interfaces to wait for a period of one second before initiating LCP negotiation. This waiting period enables slow clients to start up and initiate LCP negotiation. Active PPP clients initiate the LCP negotiation process without waiting for the other side of the connection to initiate the negotiation.

If you configure a PPP interface without an IP interface or profile by not entering the ppp initiate-ip command, the router performs LCP negotiation for 2 to 3 minutes for passive clients. LCP negotiation is terminated after this period. To enable LCP negotiations to continue to occur for passive clients, you must enter the ppp initiate-ip command to enable PPP to create IP instances.


Interface Configuration, Profile Configuration, Subinterface Configuration

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