ppp hash-link-selection


[ no ] ppp hash-link-selection

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 7.2.0.


Enables use of a hash-based algorithm to select the link on which the router transmits high-priority (non-best-effort) packets, such as voice or video, on an MLPPP interface. If hash-based link selection is enabled, the router uses the IP source address and IP destination address of the packet as a hash to select the MLPPP member link on which to transmit the packet. Using the hash-based algorithm instead of the default round-robin algorithm for MLPPP link selection ensures that the router maintains the proper packet order when transmitting high-priority packets. The no version restores the default round-robin algorithm for MLPPP link selection.

Note: Hash-based MLPPP link selection is available only for non-best-effort traffic. For best-effort traffic, the router uses a round-robin algorithm for link selection.


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