ppp aaa-profile


ppp aaa-profile profileName

no ppp aaa-profile

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Maps an AAA profile to static and dynamic, multilink and nonmultilink PPP interfaces. The PPP application associates the AAA profile with the interface and passes the AAA profile to AAA for authentication. The no version removes the AAA profile assignment to the PPP interface. If an AAA profile is deleted after it has been assigned to an interface, AAA denies the authentication and logs a message. When you remove an AAA profile, it does not remove any corresponding bindings between PPP interfaces or interface profiles and the AAA profile. If an AAA profile with the same name is added, the interface cannot authenticate until the AAA profile is reassigned.

Note: Although an AAA profile and an interface profile have similar functionality, they are not related and you need to treat them differently.



Interface Configuration, Profile Configuration, Subinterface Configuration