Login password:

password [ encryptionType ] passwordValue

no password

L2TP tunnel password:

password tunnelPassword

no password

IP service profile password:

password servicePassword

no password

Local user database password:

password [ encryptionType ] passwordValue

no password

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Configures a password to be used at login on the console, a line or a range of lines. For L2TP, specifies the password for an AAA domain map or tunnel group tunnel. For IP service profiles, specifies the password for the profile. For the local authentication server feature, adds a password to a user entry in the local user database. If you enable password checking but do not configure a password, the system will not allow you to access virtual terminals. Specify a password in plain text (unencrypted) or cipher text (encrypted). In either case, the system stores the password as encrypted. The no version removes the password.

Note: To use an encrypted password, you must follow the procedure in Creating Encrypted Passwords in the JunosE System Basics Configuration Guide to obtain the encrypted password. You cannot create your own encrypted password; you must use a router-generated password or secret.



Domain Map Tunnel Configuration (for a tunnel password), IP Service Profile Configuration (for a service profile password), Line Configuration (for a login password), Local User Configuration (for a local user database password), Tunnel Group Tunnel Configuration (for a tunnel group tunnel password)

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