Table of Contents

About the Documentation
E Series and JunosE Documentation and Release Notes
E Series and JunosE Text and Syntax Conventions
Obtaining Documentation
Documentation Feedback
Requesting Technical Support
Commands, N to Z
Command Reference Topics
Using the no Version Versus the default Version of Commands
Deprecated Commands
Filtering show Commands
Interface Types and Specifiers
N Commands
nas-port-type atm
nas-port-type ethernet
neighbor activate
neighbor advertise-map
neighbor advertisement-interval
neighbor allow
neighbor allowas-in
neighbor as-override
neighbor bfd-liveness-detection
neighbor capability
neighbor default-originate
neighbor description
neighbor distribute-list
neighbor ebgp-multihop
neighbor filter-list
neighbor graceful-restart
neighbor graceful-restart restart-time
neighbor graceful-restart stalepaths-time
neighbor ibgp-singlehop
neighbor lenient
neighbor local-as
neighbor maximum-orf-entries
neighbor maximum-prefix
neighbor maximum-update-size
neighbor next-hop-self
neighbor next-hop-unchanged
neighbor passive
neighbor password
neighbor peer-group
neighbor peer-type
neighbor prefix-list
neighbor prefix-tree
neighbor remote-as
neighbor remove-private-as
neighbor rib-out disable
neighbor route-map
neighbor route-reflector-client
neighbor send-community
neighbor send-label
neighbor shutdown
neighbor site-of-origin
neighbor soft-reconfiguration inbound
neighbor timers
neighbor unsuppress-map
neighbor update-source
neighbor weight
network area
no area
no boot hotfix all-releases
no bulkstats
no ip interface
no log filters
no radius client
no rtr
no rtr reaction-configuration
no service-management subscriber-session force
notification id
nsf ietf
nsf interface wait
nsf t1
nsf t2
nsf t3
ntp access-group
ntp broadcast
ntp broadcast-client
ntp broadcast-delay
ntp disable
ntp enable
ntp master
ntp server
ntp server enable
ntp source
O Commands
oam ais-rdi
oam cc
oam retry
ospf auto-cost reference-bandwidth
ospf bandwidth
ospf enable
ospf log-adjacency-changes
ospf shutdown
overload advertise-high-metric issu
overload shutdown
override c2 byte
P Commands
path description
path ds1|e1
path ds1|e1 bert
path ds1|e1 channel-group description
path ds1|e1 channel-group shutdown
path ds1|e1 channel-group snmp trap link-status
path ds1|e1 channel-group timeslots
path ds1|e1 clock source
path ds1|e1 description
path ds1|e1 framing
path ds1|e1 loopback
path ds1|e1 shutdown
path ds1|e1 snmp trap link-status
path ds1 fdl
path ds1 fdl carrier
path ds1 fdl string
path ds1 fdl transmit
path ds1 remote-loopback
path ds3
path ds3 bert
path ds3 clock source
path ds3 description
path ds3 equipment loopback
path ds3 framing
path ds3 loopback
path ds3 mdl carrier
path ds3 mdl string
path ds3 mdl transmit
path ds3 shutdown
path ds3 snmp trap link-status
path ds3 t1
path ds3 t1 bert
path ds3 t1 clock source
path ds3 t1 description
path ds3 t1 fdl
path ds3 t1 fdl carrier
path ds3 t1 fdl string
path ds3 t1 fdl transmit
path ds3 t1 framing
path ds3 t1 loopback
path ds3 t1 remote-loopback
path ds3 t1 shutdown
path ds3 t1 snmp trap link-status
path ds3 t1 timeslots
path e1 unframed
path overhead c2
path overhead j1
path shutdown
path snmp trap link-status
path trigger alarm prdi
path trigger delay
peer ip identity
persist-discovery-data enable
pfs group
pim disable
ping atm interface atm
ping mpls ip
ping mpls l2transport
ping mpls l3vpn
ping mpls rsvp tunnel
ping mpls vpls
policy-parameter hierarchical
pos description
pos framing
pos scramble-atm
ppp aaa-accounting-broadcast
ppp aaa-profile
ppp authentication
ppp chap-challenge-length
ppp description
ppp dos-protection-group
ppp fragmentation
ppp hash-link-selection
ppp initiate-ip
ppp initiate-ipv6
ppp ipcp lockout
ppp ipcp-lockout-duration
ppp ipcp-max-negotiation
ppp ipcp-nego-duration
ppp ipcp netmask
ppp ipcp prompt-option dns
ppp keepalive
ppp log
ppp magic-number disable
ppp magic-number ignore-mismatch
ppp max-bad-auth
ppp max-negotiations
ppp mru
ppp multilink enable
ppp multilink multiclass
ppp multilink multiclass fragmentation
ppp multilink multiclass reassembly
ppp multilink multiclass traffic-class
ppp ncp-Ordering-Required
ppp passive-mode
ppp peer
ppp peer-ip-address-optional
ppp reassembly
ppp shutdown
pppoe acName
pppoe always-offer
pppoe auto-configure
pppoe clear lockout interface
pppoe dos-protection-group
pppoe duplicate-protection
pppoe log pppoeControlPacket
pppoe max-session-vsa
pppoe motm
pppoe mtu
pppoe pads disable-ac-info
pppoe profile
pppoe remote-circuit-id
pppoe service-name-table
pppoe sessions
pppoe subinterface
pppoe url
priority burst
priority over-subscription-factor
priority rate
privilege-group alias
privilege-group membership
privilege-group membership clear
privilege level
privilege reset
profile atm1483 bulk-config-name
profile atm1483 bulk-config-name pvc
profile vlan bulk-config
profile vlan override bulk-config
protocol burst
protocol drop-probability
protocol priority
protocol rate
protocol shutdown
protocol skip-priority-rate-limiter
protocol weight
Q Commands
R Commands
radius accounting server
radius acct-session-id-format
radius algorithm
radius authentication server
radius calling-station-delimiter
radius calling-station-format
radius client
radius connect-info-format
radius disconnect client
radius dsl-port-type
radius dynamic-request server
radius ethernet-port-type
radius icr-partition-accounting
radius ignore
radius include
radius include dsl-forum-attributes
radius nas-identifier
radius nas-port-format
radius nas-port-format extended
radius override calling-station-id remote-circuit-id
radius override nas-info
radius override nas-ip-addr tunnel-client-endpoint
radius override nas-port-id remote-circuit-id
radius per-profile-attr-list
radius per-profile-attr-list (For Global Configuration)
radius pppoe nas-port-format unique
radius pre-authentication server
radius relay server
radius relay udp-checksum
radius remote-circuit-id-delimiter
radius remote-circuit-id-format
radius rollover-on-reject
radius route-download server
radius trap acct-server-not-responding
radius trap acct-server-responding
radius trap auth-server-not-responding
radius trap auth-server-responding
radius trap no-acct-server-responding
radius trap no-auth-server-responding
radius tunnel-accounting
radius udp-checksum
radius update-source-addr
radius vlan nas-port-format stacked
receive version
redistribute isis
redistribute isis ip
redundancy force-switchover
redundancy lockout
redundancy revert
redundancy revertive
redundant-port force-failover
reload slot
remote host
resource if-type
resource threshold
rib-out disable
root proxy url
route interface
router bgp
router dvmrp
router igmp
router isis
router mld
router ospf
router pim
router rip
rtr reaction-configuration
rtr reaction-configuration action-type
rtr reaction-configuration operation-failure
rtr reaction-configuration path-change
rtr reaction-configuration test-completion
rtr reaction-configuration test-failure
rtr reset
rtr schedule
rtr schedule life
rtr schedule restart-time
rtr schedule start-time
S Commands
schedule macro
secure ip classifier-list
secure ipv6 classifier-list
secure ip policy-list
secure ipv6 policy-list
secure l2tp policy-list
send version
serial description
service check-config
service config-monitor-periodicity
service ctrl-x-reboot
service dhcp-external
service dhcp-local
service dhcpv6-local
service-accounting-statistics scheduler-based
service-management install
service-management owner-session
service-management service-session-profile
service-management subscriber-session
service-management subscriber-session force
service-management subscriber-session service-session
service manual-commit
service password-encryption
service show-config
service timestamps
service unattended-password-recovery
set admission-bandwidth
set as-path prepend
set automatic-tag
set comm-list delete
set community
set dampening
set dhcp relay
set dhcp relay agent sub-option
set dhcp relay assign-giaddr-source-ip
set dhcp relay broadcast-flag-replies
set dhcp relay giaddr-selects-interface
set dhcp relay layer2-unicast-replies
set dhcp relay max-client-packet-rate
set dhcp relay options
set dhcp relay override
set dhcp relay preserve-trusted-client-option
set dhcp relay proxy send-first-offer
set dhcp relay proxy timeout
set dhcp relay trust-all
set dhcp vendor-option
set distance
set extcommunity
set ip interface-profile
set ip next-hop
set ip service-profile
set ip source-prefix
set ipv6 next-hop
set level
set local-preference
set metric
set metric-type
set mpls-label
set origin
set priority
set qos-bandwidth
set route-class
set route-type
set tag
set threshold
set weight
show aaa accounting
show aaa accounting default
show aaa accounting interval
show aaa accounting vr-group
show aaa authentication default
show aaa-corrupted-slots
show aaa delimiters
show aaa domain-map
show aaa dhcpv6-delegated-prefix
show aaa duplicate-address-check
show aaa duplicate-prefix-check
show aaa duplicate-prefix-check-extension
show aaa intf-desc-format
show aaa ipv4-addr-saving
show aaa ipv6-nd-ra-prefix
show aaa model
show aaa name-servers
show aaa per-profile-attr-list
show aaa profile
show aaa qos downstream-rate
show aaa radius-override-ncp-negotiation
show aaa route-download
show aaa route-download ipv6 routes
show aaa route-download ipv6 routes global
show aaa route-download routes
show aaa route-download routes global
show aaa send-delay-start
show aaa send-immediate-update-ipv6
show aaa service accounting interval
show aaa statistics
show aaa strip-domain
show aaa subscriber per-port-limit
show aaa subscriber per-vr-limit
show aaa timeout
show aaa tunnel-group
show aaa tunnel-parameters
show aaa user accounting interval
show access-list
show adjustment-factor
show aps
show arp
show atm aal5 interface
show atm atm1483
show atm bulk-config
show atm interface
show atm map
show atm mcpt-timers
show atm oam
show atm ping
show atm subinterface
show atm vc
show atm vc atm
show atm vc-class
show atm vp
show atm vp-description
show atm vp-tunnel
show bandwidth oversubscription
show bfd session
show bgp ipv6
show bgp ipv6 advertised-routes
show bgp ipv6 aggregate-address
show bgp ipv6 community
show bgp ipv6 community-list
show bgp ipv6 dampened-paths
show bgp ipv6 filter-list
show bgp ipv6 flap-statistics
show bgp ipv6 inconsistent-as
show bgp ipv6 neighbors
show bgp ipv6 neighbors dampened-routes
show bgp ipv6 neighbors paths
show bgp ipv6 neighbors received-routes
show bgp ipv6 neighbors routes
show bgp ipv6 network
show bgp ipv6 next-hops
show bgp ipv6 paths
show bgp ipv6 peer-group
show bgp ipv6 quote-regexp
show bgp ipv6 regexp
show bgp ipv6 summary
show boot
show bridge1483 interface
show bridge
show bridge groups
show bridge interface
show bridge interface vpls
show bridge port
show bridge table
show bulkstats
show bulkstats collector description
show bulkstats collector interval
show bulkstats collector max-size
show bulkstats collector transfer-mode
show bulkstats interface-type
show bulkstats receiver
show bulkstats schema
show bulkstats statistics
show bulkstats traps
show bulkstats virtual-routers
show cac
show cac interface
show calendar
show classifier-list
show clns
show clns interface
show clns neighbors
show clns protocol
show clns traffic
show clock
show color-mark-profile
show columns
show configuration
show control-plane policer
show controllers e3
show controllers sonet
show controllers sonet remote
show controllers t1
show controllers t3
show controllers t3 remote
show cops info
show cops statistics
show dhcp binding
show dhcp count
show dhcp-external
show dhcp host
show dhcp proxy-client binding
show dhcp relay
show dhcp relay proxy statistics
show dhcp relay statistics
show dhcp server
show dhcp summary
show dhcp vendor-option
show dos-protection-group
show drop-profile
show dvmrp destination profile
show dvmrp tunnel
show egress-queue events
show egress-queue rates
show enable-frag-stats
show environment
show ethernet oam lfm discovery
show ethernet oam lfm statistics
show ethernet oam lfm status
show ethernet oam lfm summary
show exception dump
show exception monitor
show fabric-queue
show fabric weights
show flash
show forwarding-table route-holddown
show fpga-stats-monitoring
show frame-relay interface
show frame-relay lip
show frame-relay lmi
show frame-relay map
show frame-relay multilinkInterface
show frame-relay pvc
show frame-relay subinterface
show frame-relay summary
show ftp-server
show gre destination profile
show gre tunnel
show hardware
show hdlc interface
show hosts
show hotfix
show icr-partition
show icr-partitions
show ike certificates
show ike configuration
show ike identity
show ike policy-rule
show ike sa
show interfaces
show interfaces lag
show interfaces lag members
show ip
show ip address
show ip as-path-access-list
show ip bgp
show ip bgp advertised-routes
show ip bgp aggregate-address
show ip bgp cidr-only
show ip bgp community
show ip bgp community-list
show ip bgp dampened-paths
show ip bgp filter-list
show ip bgp flap-statistics
show ip bgp inconsistent-as
show ip bgp neighbors
show ip bgp neighbors dampened-routes
show ip bgp neighbors paths
show ip bgp neighbors received prefix-filter
show ip bgp neighbors received-routes
show ip bgp neighbors routes
show ip bgp network
show ip bgp next-hops
show ip bgp paths
show ip bgp peer-group
show ip bgp quote-regexp
show ip bgp regexp
show ip bgp summary
show ip cache flow
show ip cache flow aggregation
show ip community-list
show ip demux interface
show ip dhcp-capture
show ip dhcp-external binding
show ip dhcp-external binding-id
show ip dhcp-external configuration
show ip dhcp-external statistics
show ip dhcp-local
show ip dhcp-local auth
show ip dhcp-local binding
show ip dhcp-local excluded
show ip dhcp-local leases
show ip dhcp-local limits
show ip dhcp-local pool
show ip dhcp-local reserved
show ip dhcp-local statistics
show ip domain-lookup
show ip dvmrp
show ip dvmrp interface
show ip dvmrp mroute
show ip dvmrp neighbor
show ip dvmrp route
show ip dvmrp routeNextHop
show ip explicit-paths
show ip extcommunity-list
show ip flow
show ip forwarding-table slot
show ip http
show ip igmp
show ip igmp groups
show ip igmp interface
show ip igmp mapped-oif
show ip igmp membership
show ip igmp oif-map
show ip igmp oif-mapping
show ip igmp-proxy
show ip igmp-proxy groups
show ip igmp-proxy interface
show ip igmp ssm-mapping
show ip interface
show ip interface shares
show ip interface vrf
show ip local alias
show ip local pool
show ip local shared-pool
show ip mac-validate interface
show ip match-policy-list
show ip mirror interface
show ip mobile binding
show ip mobile home-agent
show ip mobile host
show ip mobile profile
show ip mobile secure foreign-agent
show ip mobile secure host
show ip mobile traffic
show ip mroute
show ip multicast protocols
show ip multicast routing
show ip nat inside rule
show ip nat outside rule
show ip nat pool
show ip nat statistics
show ip nat translations
show ip nfs
show ip ospf
show ip ospf border-routers
show ip ospf database
show ip ospf interface
show ip ospf internal-statistics
show ip ospf neighbors
show ip ospf remote-neighbor interface
show ip ospf spf-log
show ip ospf virtual-links
show ip pim
show ip pim auto-rp
show ip pim bsr
show ip pim data-mdt
show ip pim dense-mode sg-state
show ip pim interface
show ip pim neighbor
show ip pim remote-neighbor
show ip pim rp
show ip pim rp-hash
show ip pim sparse-mode sg-state
show ip pim sparse-mode unicast-route
show ip pim spt-threshold
show ip prefix-list
show ip prefix-tree
show ip profile
show ip protocols
show ip redistribute
show ip rip
show ip rip database
show ip rip network
show ip rip peer
show ip rip statistics
show ip rip summary-address
show ip route
show ip route slot
show ip rpf-route
show ip service-profile
show ip socket statistics
show ip ssh
show ip static
show ip-subscriber
show ip traffic
show ip tunnel reassembly statistics
show ip tunnel-route
show ip udp statistics
show ip vrf
show ip vrrp
show ip vrrp neighbor
show ip vrrp statistics
show ip vrrp tracked-objects
show ipsec ca identity
show ipsec certificates
show ipsec identity
show ipsec ike-configuration
show ipsec ike-policy-rule
show ipsec ike-sa
show ipsec key mypubkey rsa
show ipsec key pubkey-chain rsa
show ipsec lifetime
show ipsec local-endpoint
show ipsec option
show ipsec transform-set
show ipsec transport interface
show ipsec transport profile
show ipsec tunnel
show ipsec tunnel profile
show ipv6
show ipv6 access-list
show ipv6 address
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local auth config
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local binding
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local dns-domain-searchlist
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local dns-servers
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local limits
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local prefix-lifetime
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local sscc
show ipv6 dhcpv6-local statistics
show ipv6 forwarding-table slot
show ipv6 interface
show ipv6 local ndra-pool
show ipv6 local pool
show ipv6 mld
show ipv6 mld groups
show ipv6 mld membership
show ipv6 mld interface
show ipv6 mld mapped-oif
show ipv6 mld oif-map
show ipv6 mld oif-mapping
show ipv6 mld-proxy
show ipv6 mld-proxy groups
show ipv6 mld-proxy interface
show ipv6 mld ssm-mapping
show ipv6 mroute
show ipv6 multicast protocols
show ipv6 multicast routing
show ipv6 neighbors
show ipv6 ospf
show ipv6 ospf border-routers
show ipv6 ospf database
show ipv6 ospf internal-statistics
show ipv6 ospf interface
show ipv6 ospf neighbors
show ipv6 ospf summary-prefix
show ipv6 ospf traffic
show ipv6 pim
show ipv6 pim bsr
show ipv6 pim interface
show ipv6 pim neighbor
show ipv6 pim remote-neighbor
show ipv6 pim rp
show ipv6 pim rp-hash
show ipv6 pim sparse-mode sg-state
show ipv6 pim sparse-mode unicast-route
show ipv6 pim spt-threshold
show ipv6 prefix-list
show ipv6 profile
show ipv6 protocols
show ipv6 redistribute
show ipv6 route
show ipv6 routers
show ipv6 rpf-route
show ipv6 static
show ipv6 traffic
show ipv6 tunnel-route
show ipv6 udp statistics
show isis database
show isis mpls adjacency-log
show isis mpls advertisements
show isis mpls tunnel
show isis nsf
show isis spf-log
show isis summary-addresses
show isis topology
show issu
show l2c
show l2c discovery-table
show l2c label
show l2c neighbor
show l2c statistics
show l2tp
show l2tp destination
show l2tp destination lockout
show l2tp destination profile
show l2tp dial-out
show l2tp dial-out session
show l2tp dial-out target
show l2tp dial-out virtual-router
show l2tp received-disconnect-cause-summary
show l2tp session
show l2tp switch-profile
show l2tp tunnel
show l2vpn connections
show l2vpn instance
show l2vpn interface
show last-reset
show ldp
show ldp binding
show ldp graceful-restart
show ldp igp-sync
show ldp interface
show ldp neighbor
show ldp profile
show ldp statistics
show ldp targeted session
show ldp vpls
show license
show license mobile-ip home-agent
show line console 0
show line vty
show log configuration
show log data
show memory-management protection
show mirror log
show mirror rules
show mirror subscribers
show mirror trap
show mpls
show mpls binding
show mpls cross-connects atm
show mpls explicit-paths
show mpls fast-reroute database
show mpls forwarding
show mpls interface
show mpls l2transport interface
show mpls l2transport load-balancing-group
show mpls minor-interface
show mpls next-hop
show mpls phb-id
show mpls profile
show mpls rsvp
show mpls rsvp authentication
show mpls rsvp bfd interfaces
show mpls rsvp counters
show mpls rsvp hello graceful restart
show mpls rsvp hello instance
show mpls tunnels
show mroute port count
show multicast group limit
show nbma arp
show ntp associations
show ntp status
show nvs
show packet-drop-monitoring
show parent-group
show policy-list
show policy-parameter
show policy-resources slot
show policy-resources trap
show ppp interface
show ppp interface summary
show ppp peer-ip-address-optional
show ppp session-To-Thirteen-Years
show pppoe interface
show pppoe interface lockout-time
show pppoe-service-name-table
show pppoe subinterface
show privilege
show privilege group
show processes cpu
show processes memory
show profile
show profile brief
show qos interface-hierarchy
show qos-interface-set
show qos-interface-superset
show qos-parameter
show qos-parameter-define
show qos-port-type-profile
show qos-profile
show qos queue-thresholds
show qos scheduler-hierarchy
show qos shared-shaper
show qos-shared-shaper-control
show queue-profile
show radius acct-session-id-format
show radius algorithm
show radius attributes-ignored
show radius attributes-included
show radius calling-station-delimiter
show radius calling-station-format
show radius connect-info-format
show radius dsl-port-type
show radius ethernet-port-type
show radius icr-partition-accounting
show radius nas-identifier
show radius nas-port-format
show radius nas-port-format extended
show radius override
show radius per-profile-attr-list
show radius pppoe nas-port-format
show radius relay
show radius relay udp-checksum
show radius remote-circuit-id-delimiter
show radius remote-circuit-id-format
show radius rollover-on-reject
show radius servers
show radius statistics
show radius trap
show radius tunnel-accounting
show radius udp-checksum
show radius update-source-addr
show radius vlan nas-port-format
show rate-limit-profile
show reboot-history
show redundancy
show redundancy clients
show redundancy history
show redundancy line-card
show redundancy srp
show redundancy switchover-history
show reload
show resource
show route-map
show rtr application
show rtr collection-statistics
show rtr configuration
show rtr history
show rtr hops
show rtr operational-state
show running-configuration
show schedule macro
show scheduler-profile
show secrets
show secure classifier-list
show secure policy-list
show service config-monitor-periodicity
show service-management owner-session
show service-accounting-statistics
show service-management service-definition
show service-management service-session-profile
show service-management subscriber-session
show service-management summary
show snmp
show snmp access
show snmp agent
show snmp community
show snmp group
show snmp interfaces
show snmp management-event
show snmp notificationLog
show snmp secure-log
show snmp trap
show snmp trap statistics
show snmp user
show snmp view
show socket statistics
show sscc info
show sscc options
show sscc statistics
show sscc version
show statistics-profile
show statistics tacacs
show subscriber-policy
show subscribers
show subsystems
show suspicious-control-flow-detection counts
show suspicious-control-flow-detection flows
show suspicious-control-flow-detection info
show suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol
show tacacs
show tcp ack-rst-and-syn
show tcp path-mtu-discovery
show tcp paws
show tcp resequence-buffers
show tcp statistics
show tech-support
show telnet
show terminal
show terminate-code
show timing
show track
show track brief
show traffic-class
show traffic-class-group
show tunnel-server
show users
show utilization
show version
show virtual-router
show vlan bulk-config
show vlan profile
show vlan subinterface
show vpls connections
slot accept
slot disable
slot enable
slot erase
slot ignore-diagnostic-failure
slot replace
snmp-server clear secure-log
snmp-server community
snmp-server contact
snmp-server enable traps
snmp-server group
snmp-server host
snmp-server interfaces compress
snmp-server interfaces compress-restriction
snmp-server interfaces description-format
snmp-server interfaces rfc1213
snmp-server location
snmp-server management-event
snmp-server notificationLog ageOut
snmp-server notificationLog entryLimit
snmp-server notificationLog log
snmp-server packetsize
snmp-server secure-log
snmp-server security
snmp-server trap-proxy
snmp-server trap-source
snmp-server user
snmp-server view
snmp trap frame-relay link-status
snmp trap ip link-status
snmp trap link-status
srp switch
sscc address
sscc connectivityTimer
sscc enable
sscc option
sscc protocol ipv6
sscc protocol lac
sscc restart
sscc retryTimer
sscc sourceAddress
sscc sourceInterface
sscc transportRouter
sscc update-policy-request enable
subscriber disconnect
suspicious-control-flow-detection grouping-off
suspicious-control-flow-detection off
suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol backoff-time
suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol low-threshold
suspicious-control-flow-detection protocol threshold
svlan ethertype
svlan id
svlan qos-parameter
svlan qos-profile
T Commands
t1 bert
t1 clock source
t1 description
t1 fdl
t1 fdl carrier
t1 fdl string
t1 fdl transmit
t1 framing
t1 lineCoding
t1 loopback
t1 remote-loopback
t1 shutdown
t1 snmp trap link-status
t1 timeslots
t1 yellow
tacacs-server host
tacacs-server key
tacacs-server retransmit-retries
tacacs-server source-address
tacacs-server timeout
tcp ack-rst-and-syn
tcp mss
tcp path-mtu-discovery
tcp paws-disable
tcp resequence-buffers connection-maximum
tcp resequence-buffers default-connection-maximum
tcp resequence-buffers default-vr-maximum
tcp resequence-buffers global-maximum
tcp resequence-buffers vr-maximum
tech-support encoded-string
telnet listen
terminal data-character-bits
terminal length
terminal speed
terminal width
test aaa
test bgp ipv6 neighbor
test ip bgp neighbor
timeout login response
timers bgp
timers spf
timing disable-auto-upgrade
timing select
timing source
trace mpls ip
trace mpls l2transport
trace mpls l3vpn
trace mpls rsvp tunnel
trace mpls vpls
trigger delay
tunnel checksum
tunnel destination
tunnel destination backup
tunnel group
tunnel group-address-pool
tunnel ip profile
tunnel lifetime
tunnel local-identity
tunnel mdt
tunnel mdt profile
tunnel mpls affinity
tunnel mpls autoroute announce
tunnel mpls autoroute metric
tunnel mpls bandwidth
tunnel mpls description
tunnel mpls diff-serv phb-id
tunnel mpls fast-reroute
tunnel mpls no-route retries
tunnel mpls no-route retry-time
tunnel mpls path-option
tunnel mpls priority
tunnel mpls retries
tunnel mpls retry-time
tunnel mtu
tunnel password
tunnel peer-identity
tunnel pfs group
tunnel sequence-datagrams
tunnel session-key-inbound
tunnel session-key-outbound
tunnel signaling
tunnel source
tunnel-subscriber authentication
tunnel transform-set
U, V, W, and Y Commands
undebug ip bgp
undebug ip mbgp
undebug ip ospf
undebug ip pim
undebug ip rip
undebug ipv6 ospf
undebug ipv6 pim
undebug isis
use canned-group
vc-class atm
vlan advisory-rx-speed
vlan advisory-tx-speed
vlan auto-configure
vlan auto-configure agent-circuit-identifier
vlan bulk-config
vlan bulk-config modify
vlan bulk-config shutdown
vlan classifier-list
vlan description
vlan dos-protection-group
vlan id
vlan load-distribution-tag
vlan policy
vlan policy-list
vlan profile
vlan service-profile
write core
write memory