ipv6 dhcpv6-local sscc


ipv6 dhcpv6-local sscc { enable | disable }

no ipv6 dhcpv6-local sscc

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 15.1.0.


Configures a DHCPv6 local server to send a Delegated-IPv6-Prefix with a PPPv6 interface name to an SRC client after delegating the IPv6 prefix to a CPE. The SRC client sends the Delegated-IPv6-Prefix to an SRC server. The no version restores the default condition, where the DHCPv6 local server does not send the Delegated-IPv6-Prefix to the SRC client.


  • Before you issue this command, you must enable the SRC client’s COPS support by using the sscc enable command, the policy and QoS configuration support for IPv6 interfaces by using the sscc protocol ipv6 command, and the DHCPv6 local server by using the service dhcpv6-local command.



Global Configuration

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