ip send-cops-request


[ no ] ip send-cops-request

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 13.3.0.


Enables the SRC client, which functions as the Common Open Policy Service (COPS) client, to send COPS messages to the SRC server or the COPS server based on the dynamic configuration manager (DCM) profile. This functionality is applicable only to dynamic PPP interfaces where the PPP links are configured for IPv4 or IPv6 subscriber sessions, either as independent or combined sessions. This behavior is not applicable for DHCP and static subscribers. By default, COPS messages are sent to the SRC server. You must configure at least one IP configuration parameter in the PPP profile to enable the default behavior of the command to be effective.

The no version disables the transmission of COPS messages from the SRC client to the SRC server for PPP subscribers.


Profile Configuration

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