aaa strip-domain


aaa strip-domain { delimiter domainName delimiter | disable | enable | parse-direction domainName { left-to-right | right-to-left } }

no aaa strip-domain { delimiter domainName | parse-direction domainName }

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 12.0.0.


Enables the strip domain feature per virtual router. By default, the strip domain feature per virtual router is disabled. If the strip domain feature is enabled, then you can specify the parsing direction and the delimiter value for the domain name.

Based on the parsing direction configured, the router searches from right to left, or from left to right. While searching for the domain, it uses the domain delimiter values in its search and parses the domain name accordingly.

The no version disables the strip domain functionality.

When the strip domain feature is enabled, the router does not permanently remove the domain name from the username of the subscriber. Instead, the router blocks the domain name from being sent in the Access-Request message, thereby retaining the domain name. So the output of the show subscribers command always displays the complete username, including the domain name (if available), of the subscriber regardless of the status of the strip domain feature.


  • The aaa strip-domain command can be configured on a nondefault virtual router only.



Global Configuration

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