mpls-relay atm cell-packing mcpt-timer


mpls-relay atm cell-packing maxCellsPerPacket mcpt-timer timerIdentifier

no mpls-relay atm cell-packing

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 10.2.0.


Configures cell concatenation parameters for an ATM port to calculate the maximum number of ATM cells that the router can concatenate in a single packet and the unique identifier of the ATM Martini cell packing timer that you want to use to detect timeout of the cell collection threshold. You can configure this command on the ATM port only after you associated a pseudowire with the port by using the mpls-relay or route interface tunnel command. You can use this command only on an ATM port (ATM AAL5 over ATM major interface). The no version disables cell concatenation, which is the default behavior.



Interface Configuration

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