Filtering show Commands

You have access to a variety of show commands that display router and protocol information. You can filter the output of a show command by specifying | (the UNIX pipe symbol), one of the following keywords, and either a case-sensitive text string or a regular expression.

You can press Ctrl+c to interrupt the show command output.

Note: The router does not recognize beginning spaces of the text string. For example, if you enter the include option with IP as the text string on which to filter, the router ignores the space and displays lines that include words such as RIP.

In the following example, the output display consists only of lines that contain the string ip. The router omits all other lines of the output from the display because none of them contain the string ip.

host1#show config include-defaults | include ip
! Configuration script generated on FRI NOV 12 1999 16:56:41 UTC
ip address
ip rip receive version 2 1
ip rip send version 1
ip rip authentication mode md5 17
ip rip authentication key
ip route
ip route
ip route
ip debounce-time 0
router rip

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