mpls ldp vpls vpls-id


mpls ldp vpls vplsName vpls-id vplsId

no mpls ldp vpls vplsName vpls-id

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 8.2.0.


Configures the globally unique VPLS identifier of a VPLS instance that uses LDP as the signaling protocol. All VEs that participate in the same VPLS domain must use the same VPLS identifier. The VPLS identifier configured for a VPLS instance must not be the same as the PWid for Martini configurations for Ethernet layer 2 services over MPLS. The no version deletes the VPLS identifier from the VPLS instance.

The mpls ldp vpls vpls-id command is not valid for a VPLS instance that uses BGP as the signaling protocol. To configure a VPLS instance with BGP signaling, use the bridge vpls rd, bridge vpls route-target, bridge vpls site-name site-id, and bridge vpls site-range commands.



Global Configuration

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