line { console lineNumber | vty lineRangeStart [ lineRangeEnd ] }

no line vty lineNumber

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Opens virtual terminal lines or the console line and allows you to configure the lines. By default five vty lines (0–4) are open. The no version removes a vty line or a range of lines from your configuration; users will not be able to run Telnet, SSH, or FTP to lines that you remove. When you remove a vty line, the router removes all lines above that line. For example, no line vty 6 causes the router to remove lines 6 through 29. You cannot remove lines 0 through 4.

Note: Once lines are open, login is enabled by default. Before users can access the lines, you must configure a password, disable login using the no login command, or configure AAA authentication on the line.



Global Configuration

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