ipv6 unnumbered


ipv6 unnumbered interfaceType interfaceSpecifier

no ipv6 unnumbered

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Enables or disables IPv6 processing on an interface without assigning an explicit IPv6 address to that interface. The global IPv6 address of the interface, specified by the interfaceType interfaceSpecifier values, becomes the source address in packets that the unnumbered interface generates. Unnumbered interfaces are often used in point-to-point connections where an IPv6 address is not required. You must specify an interface location, which is the identifier of another interface on which the router has an assigned IPv6 address. This interface cannot be another unnumbered interface. The no version of the command removes the IPv6 address from the interface.

Note: Enabling IPv6 on an interface automatically configures the link-local address on an unnumbered interface.



Interface Configuration, Profile Configuration

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