ipv6 pim bfd-liveness-detection


ipv6 pim bfd-liveness-detection [ minimum-interval minInterval |
[ minimum-receive-interval minRecInterval ]
[ minimum-transmit-interval minTransInterval ] ] [ multiplier multValue ]

no ipv6 pim bfd-liveness-detection

Release Information

Command introduced in JunosE Release 8.0.0.


Enables BFD (bidirectional forwarding detection) on an interface running PIM and defines BFD values to be negotiated between PIM neighbors for detection of IPv6 data path failures. You can change the BFD liveness detection parameters at any time without stopping or restarting the existing session; BFD automatically adjusts to the new parameter value. However, no changes to BFD parameters take place until the values resynchronize with each neighbor. The no version disables BFD on the PIM interface.

Note: BFD sessions might not be maintained when the multiplier value is 1 and configured intervals are very short. We recommend that you do not use a multiplier value of 1 with very short intervals.



Interface Configuration

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